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Re: Uploaded boot-floppies 2.1.7 (source all) to erlangen

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> This is not going to happen and never going to happen.  What ships in
> base2_1.tgz and the like is actually orthogonal to what is in the
> 'base' subsection of the main distribution.  It happens to work out
> that most of what is in base2_1.tgz is in the base subsection, and
> maybe vice versa.  But to try to insist that the one and the other
> should be in lockstep will effectively kill the boot-floppies effort.

Er... then what is the base section for?
I've never seen the point of it, but people have assured me that it's
important to have a "base" section that contains exactly the packages
in the base system.  I've never seen any reasons though.

Richard Braakman

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