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Re: Uploaded boot-floppies 2.1.7 (source all) to erlangen

Le Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 03:24:38PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo écrivait:
> This is not going to happen and never going to happen.  What ships in
> base2_1.tgz and the like is actually orthogonal to what is in the
> 'base' subsection of the main distribution.  It happens to work out

I can remember that I did read the contrary (from Martin Schulze I guess).

> that most of what is in base2_1.tgz is in the base subsection, and
> maybe vice versa.  But to try to insist that the one and the other
> should be in lockstep will effectively kill the boot-floppies effort.

I certainly do not want that, Enrique should be able to decide what need
to be on his boot-floppies, but if something like dpkg-ftp is no more
provided by the boot floppies, then we should consider moving it from
base to admin (or something similar). Base can be evolving, I don't see
that as a problem.

> Secondly, dpkg-ftp was removed from the base system because it
> provided no functionality which was not already provided by other
> dselect aquisition methods.

Since apt is in the base system then we could also remove the disk(s)
method... however I was not arguing against the removal of dpkg-ftp (in
fact I maintain it because some people are still using it, but I use
apt-get personnaly)...

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