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Re: How about irc-scripts? (Re: Themes - do we package them?)

On Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 12:26:09PM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:
> > In my personal opinion, we should package them.  As far as I'm concerned,
> > the increasing size of the distribution is inevitable, and we're going to
> > have to deal with it anyway - by better sectioning, using stow categories,
> > whatever.  And they may be trivial to untar, but it's nice to have them
> > under control.
> What about irc-scripts? ones for ircii, epic, epic4 and bitchx?
> Would they be a useful thing to package? Would we intergate them into the menu
> system?

At some point I intend to do just that actually.

Essentially if you have no ~/.ircrc it'd load a script for you,
defaulting to the one I include with the package which will probably be
mine or splitfire.  It will be possible (even easy) to change the script
used.  No idea when I'll do something like this, it's just something I am
considering.  I'd be sure to package a few scripts if I did though.

Anticipation is the sweetest form of torture...

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