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Re: Slink Readiness?

Chris Lawrence <quango@watervalley.net> writes:

> There is nothing in any other disks-ARCH because the stuff hasn't been
> installed yet (on m68k, it's built, but hasn't been moved by hand
> yet).  The dselect tutorial will be in all of the disks-ARCH
> eventually.
                     -- snip ---
> So, I really don't see the need for a separate release notes file for
> each architecture, especially when each one is going to be fairly
> similar, unless it were integrated into the install guide (or
> arch-specific things were handled the same way).

     If the dselect tutorial will be on all of the disks-ARCH, I
agree.  I withdraw my proposal for separate versions of Release_Notes
in each architecture.

     The remaining issues before finally installing Release-Notes are
confirmation from Drake Diedrich <Drake.Diedrich@anu.edu.au> of the
status of the possible dpkg-http warning and an answer to whether or
not sparc's use of glibc2.1 is unique.

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