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Re: More i18n of the base system : perl scripts

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999 16:51:49 +0100, Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> said:
> What we do need in order to be able to translate them : - add
> POSIX.pm (and other related perl files) to perl-base - move
> liblocale-gettext-perl from section interpreters to base - adjust
> the priority of liblocale-gettext-perl

> I can upload a modified liblocale-gettext-perl package in order to
> change the section/priority and I can fill a bug report against Perl
> in order to incorporate POSIX.pm into perl-base. POSIX.pm is needed
> in order to call setlocale, textdomain and other things like that.

> What priority should be set for liblocale-gettext-perl ?

Well, if the idea is to integrate POSIX.pm into perl-base, then the
issue of the priority of this temporary package isn't really all that
relevant, since it would just go away.  Given this, I would say
priority 'optional' (removing required packages is evil).

> What do you think about it ? If we can agree on this, then i'll
> probably modify those script in order to be i18ned and will send
> patches to the maintainers.

Yes; I would discuss with the perl-base maintainer first; I don't have
the technical info on Perl to really know how reasonable your plan is.

> By the way, I did just see that gettext is on the base system of the
> boot floppies but it's not in the base section (i thought that the
> base2_1.tgz was only the combination of the base/*
> packages).

Not necessarily.

> However I do think that it should be in the base section
> so that sh script can be translated with the gettext command.

The issue is raising gettext priority to required.  I don't think they
section the the package is in is really all that relevant.

What does the gettext maintainer think of this?

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