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Re: RFC: new network config

Hi !

Attached to this mail are my first version of /etc/init.d/interfaces and
/etc/interfaces. (still BETA =;-))

Due to the lack of perl,sed and awk I decided to write this script totally
in shell script. For this reason the only format, the config file can have 
is the oneliner or backslash seperated multiline format. But I think that's

There are still a few open points:

1. Should I really check for kernel version in the script ? 
   I favour telling the user in the comments of /etc/interfaces that he
   needs to set the "basic route" for most interfaces himself (in
   /etc/gateways) if he has an old kernel.

2. Should I really check for already existing interfaces ?
   ifconfig will silently reconfigure old devices. And it is very unlikely
   that someone starts this script after he manually deleted interfaces he
   previously inserted in /etc/interfaces... (without giving them noauto)

3. I'm waiting for information about DHCP/BOOTP and packet radio.

Waiting for your feedback !
read you,


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# /etc/interfaces 
# This file lists all network interfaces that gets startet at boot time.
# The format is as followed: device key1=value1 key2=value2 key3=value3
# * Long lines can be splitted in the common way by adding a '\' as last
#   character of the splitted line.
# * The value can be put in quotation marks e.g. state="noauto"
# The following interface classes are recognised:
# lo			The loopback device
#	options		for unnormal configurations
#	state=noauto	do NOT start at boottime
# eth[n]		The ethernet devices
#	ip		Internet address
#	netmask		netmask
#	broadcast	broadcast address
#	options		additional options passed to ifconfig(8)
#	state=noauto	do NOT start at boottime
# Interfaces with the state=noauto flag set can be [de]activated
# manually by /etc/interfaces start <devicename>
# ATTENTION: The kernel above 2.2.0 will set the basic routes for new
# interfaces himself. If you run an older kernel, please insert these
# routes manually in /etc/gateways.
# (e.g. eth0 <=> route -> eth0)

eth0 \
	ip= \
	options="broadcast=" \
eth1 \
	ip= \
	netmask= \
	broadcast= \

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