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RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Wed, Feb 03, 1999 at 09:14:08AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > Then who is the one who has the power to change it =;-)
> you. anyone has the power to change it. all it takes is to write the
> code to implement it.
Ok ! 
I'm a "Brave Debian" (tm) and I try to change something.

But I *strongly* need comments. Not for the implemention - I have no
problems with sed and sh scripts - but I like to know what can be done
better or what I missed *before* I implement that !

BTW: Who is the responsible package ? Boot-floppies or netbase ?

My approach is now the following. I try to use as many well-known files as
possible. The only new file is /etc/interfaces which is itself very 
"compatible" since it takes the parameters for insmod 1:1 (nearly).

Now the workflow in pseudo-perl:

/etc/init.d/interfaces start
	foreach $line (<"/etc/interfaces">) {
		`ifconfig $line up`
		`route add &calc_base_address($ip, $netmask) eth0`

/etc/init.d/routes start
	foreach $line (<"/etc/gateways">) {
		`route add $ip gw $gw`

Is this good ?

Oh, 2nd thing. As someone suggested: the IP spoofing part gets out of
netbase. I think it should in routes.

3rd thing: does anything apart from NFS need portmap ? I seems so to me and
if, it should also vanish from netbase, because now it gets started all the
time, and I have the strange feeling, that I do not need it !

read you,


# /etc/interfaces
# Add here your interfaces as you would do with ifconfig(8).
# The netmask must be given. The trailing "up"/"down" can be omitted.
# /etc/init.d/interfaces which is normally called at boottime reads this file.
eth0 	netmask
eth1	netmask
# networks	This file describes a number of netname-to-address
#		mappings for the TCP/IP subsystem.  It is mostly
#		used at boot time, when no name servers are running.
# /etc/gateways:
# Add here all your gateways.
# /etc/init.d/routes which is normally called at boottime reads this file.
#<net | host> NAME1 gateway NAME2 metric VALUE <passive | active | external> 
net default 		gateway
net 	gateway

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