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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Sat, Feb 06, 1999 at 05:19:25PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> so how about we split it up like this:
>  - your netbase does the main interface setup.  whatever is need to get
> the machine up and running on the net.

This mail, to ensure that we get finally something done ! =;-)

If no one objects I will start writing the /etc/init.d/interfaces and
/etc/interfaces (template) this or tomorrow's evening. (And will post a
first version thursday evening)

Before people will start a religion-war about the syntax, I will simply
implement both ways. Checking if a '{' is in the first line of an interface
is not *that* hard. And since I already wrote a BIND config file parser
some times ago in perl, I will have no problems with this.
(Just to repeat our compromiss: 
a) oneliner: eth0 ip= netmask=
b) shell-way: eth0 \
                ip= \
c) c-way: eth0 {

Regarding the floppy package. Since it left us with even no awk and sed,
I propose I write a fine perl script for the netbase package 
(or if netbase can - for which reason ever - not depend on perl in
Shellscript) and one cute,little script that does just the basic tasks
for the floppy package. I think everybody who installed the boot-floppy package
will soon install the netbase one.

Ok, are there any volunteers for the following tasks:
1. write the boot-floppy script
2. give me some hints/wishes about the packet radio config
3. give me some hints/wishes about the DHCP/BOOTP config
4. give me some hints/wishes about everything apart ethernet and loopback !

>  - my virtual-services package does everything else needed for virtual
> host service provision, including running ifconfig for ip_alias
> addresses.
If someone thinks that the ifconfig part would better be in netbase, mail me,
then I add it to the parser

read you,


BTW: Can I assume that everybody will use a kernel greater 1.3.100 ?
     (kernel sets some routes automatically nowadays !)

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