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Re: RFC: new network config (was: Re: network configuration)

On Sun, Feb 07, 1999 at 04:08:37PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > (alternatively, if you want to handle ip_alias ifconfig in netbase,
> > that's fine too. would be nice to have some extra data in your
> > /etc/interfaces file, though...to avoid duplication of config data.)
> What I was thinking of was something like:
> /etc/interfaces
> 	eth0   # This is my real IP
> 	eth1   # But I'm also a masq g/w for this network
> 	eth0:0	# I also run a virtual ftp server on this
> 				# address

i'm against hardcoding the eth0:n alias number into a config file. it
gets clumsy when you've got a few hundred aliases on a machine. let a
script count it.

i.e. ip-aliases should have their own config file, rather than clutter
up the main /etc/interfaces. whether this is done in netbase or a
virtual-services package doesn't really matter.

> /etc/virtual-services
> 	www.freakystuff.com	apache,analog
> 	ftp.freakystuff.com	proftpd

i was thinking more of something like:

	www.freakystuff.com	apache,analog,proftpd,........

and have ftp.freakystuff.com be a CNAME for www.freakystuff.com - if
they're both running on the same machine, there's no need to waste two
ip addresses for them.

if one machine is handling ftp services and another is handling www
services, then they can each have config files like so:

machine A:
	www.freakystuff.com	apache,analog

machine B:
	ftp.freakystuff.com	proftpd

one other thing that occurs to me is that there should be a flag for
"no_ip_alias", to support name-based virtual hosting with apache. i.e.
where you use CNAMEs to point to one IP address, and apache uses the
HTTP "Host: " header to figure out which virtual is being requested.

http doesn't really need a dedicated IP anymore (except to support older
browsers). ftp and pop and other services do.

> /etc/hosts
>		ftp.freakystuff.com
>		www.freakystuff.com

excessive use of /etc/hosts is evil :-)

either install bind or rely on an existing name server on the LAN


craig sanders

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