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Re: What to do with CPAN ?

Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> wrote:
> I wonder if there was already a discussion about what to do with all those
> CPAN libraries. Should we package all of them (naaa...) or only the best,
> or none of them (oohhh :-(). 

What we're doing currently is packaging the ones that people seem
interested in.

If we want to expand on this, maybe we should take a look at what other
CPAN repackagers (e.g. activestate) are doing, for an idea of what other
people think's worthwhile.

With sufficient automated testing mechanisms, and a few dedidcated
machines I think we could automate repackaging most of cpan.  [Have
a dedicated machine walk through the cpan list, building packages,
installing them, running tests, and checking if anything breaks.]


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