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RE: What to do with CPAN ?

Chip, can you be more specific?
I'm not clear on why exactly this is a bad idea. 

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> From: 	Chip Salzenberg[SMTP:chip@perlsupport.com]
> Sent: 	Monday, February 01, 1999 11:36 PM
> To: 	Amos Shapira
> Subject: 	Re: What to do with CPAN ?
> According to Amos Shapira:
> > I think someone said a few months (a year?) ago that they are
> > considering a way to make CPAN packages known to dpkg, i.e. you
> > would be able to run something which will download and install
> > from CPAN and make it known to the dpkg database [...]
> Oh, that's just begging for version control problems every time some
> CPAN module author uploads something that's slightly incompatible
> with the Debian packages that depend on it.

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