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Re: Slink CDs available -> Australia

On 03-Feb-1999, Johnie Ingram <johnie@netgod.net> wrote:
> With the Bug count under 20 now, I figure it's time for some final
> testing of Slink.

Should anyone want slink CDs in Australia, rather than download
a few gigabytes of CD images or updates, you may want to grab them from
me on a few burned CDs.

I'm currently offering CDs 1,2 and 5 (all the binary CDs -- source will
come along soon).  Given the prices most people in Australia are forced
to pay for net access it will almost certainly be a lot cheaper to buy
the CDs than download.

I've successfully updated a hamm box to slink with these images with
a few tweaks (just installing a few packages by hand with "dpkg -i"). 
I expect to create new images in a day or two that should be even smoother.

See http://tyse.net/linux-cds/ if you want to order them.

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