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Re: What to do with CPAN ? and, indeed, XEmacs 21

In article <_OOrPgC.A.c7B.Kzgt2_@murphy>,
Amos Shapira <amos@gezernet.co.il> wrote:
>On Mon, February 1 1999, Christian Hammers <ch@lathspell.westend.com> wrote:
>|I wonder if there was already a discussion about what to do with all those
>|CPAN libraries. Should we package all of them (naaa...) or only the best,
>|or none of them (oohhh :-(). 
>I think someone said a few months (a year?) ago that they are
>considering a way to make CPAN packages known to dpkg, i.e. you would
>be able to run something which will download and install a package
>from CPAN and make it known to the dpkg database so other packages
>which require it will know it is installed.

This reminds me- I'm currently using a beta of XEmacs 21 here, and one
thing they've done is break down all the lisp supplied with it into
packages (yay!) so that you don't have to have an immense load of
extensions you'll never need...

I don't know if Dres/anyone else has planned on maintaining XEmacs 21
for Debian (I've written rather hacky packaging scripts to use it
here), but a similar question will arise: there are ~80 XEmacs
packages, which people who don't use XEmacs won't be interested in, by
and large...

I've written something to convert from an XEmacs package to a .deb
(hmm, their packaging format seems *awfully* deja-vu...) although the
resulting Debian packages are policy-deficient- no copyright
information or long descriptions, for example.

If there was a way of telling dpkg that certain files had to be passed
through a filter before being processed, that would be great- even
better, apt/dselect allowing the XEmacs package list to be converted
into a debian Packages file for the list to be available...


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