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Re: WARNING: Re: debhelper & /usr/bin/passwd

Brian May wrote:
> >Unfortunatly, it looks like the current version of dpkg has
> >--force-overwrite (which is what I meant to say above) enabled by default.
> >And so anyone who ran dselect in the past 24 hours and upgraded from
> >unstable has probably beeen bitten by this bad package.
> Can you be certain that dselect doesn't give dpkg the --force-overwrite
> option? 

IIRC, I wrote the above after running dpkg on the broken debhelper package
by hand and watching it overwrite the files.

> My versions of dpkg claim that --force-overwrite isn't on be default
> (otherwise it should have [*] after it):

That means nothing, you can turn off options in dpkg without editing that
output. (Bad design, IMHO.)

see shy jo

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