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Re: PLEASE remember to vote!

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Joseph Carter wrote:

> I know I speak for all four of us candidates when I say that your vote IS
> important.  This is your project leader you're voting for here.  Please
> do not forget and please do make your opinion heard!  Or if not heard at
> least make it be tallied...  =>
> This is the last week of voting and as our secretary has pointed out, if
> nobody wins this election we start all over again and some of us would be
> made insane in that process, probably starting with Mr. Secretary
> himself I suspect.  =>  And we can't have an insane secretary now can we? 
> He'd then be forced to run for project leader himself then wouldn't he?
Sorry for my ignorance when deleting the mails under this topic.  I
was absend from the net for a longer time and couldn't read all my
E-Mails.  Please repeate the link where to vote for those like me
who ignored the mails.  I couldn't find a site to vote.

Kind regards


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