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PLEASE remember to vote!

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 06:06:04AM -0000, Project Secretary wrote:
> This is the last and final ballot.  In a weeks time, we will have a new 
> leader *or* we'll have to start this process over again because "NONE"
> won.  If you havn't voted, please cast your ballot now.

I know I speak for all four of us candidates when I say that your vote IS
important.  This is your project leader you're voting for here.  Please
do not forget and please do make your opinion heard!  Or if not heard at
least make it be tallied...  =>

This is the last week of voting and as our secretary has pointed out, if
nobody wins this election we start all over again and some of us would be
made insane in that process, probably starting with Mr. Secretary
himself I suspect.  =>  And we can't have an insane secretary now can we? 
He'd then be forced to run for project leader himself then wouldn't he?

"I'm working in the dark here."  "Yeah well rumor has it you do your best
work in the dark."
                               -- Earth: Final Conflict

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