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Re: getting kernel 2.2 into slink

On 1999-01-21 19:32, John Goerzen wrote:

> While the internals did change radically, the only thing most people need
> concern themselves with is that the /dev/lp? number changed by one digit.  I
> hardly call that a "radical" change

Well, it of course depends on how you define radical.  I had two
printer ports and they were switched.  Also, I it took me a bit to
figure that conf.modules needed changed due to the broadning of scope

> > 2.2. diald/ppp in slink does not work with 2.2.0-pre7 (on my box, at
> > least).  I am sure that there are other things as well.
> I've used ppp with late 2.1.x kernels with no big trouble.

There should be _no_ (known) problems when shipped in stable (IMHO).
Your favorite newbie has problems enough configurating ppp... dealing
with ppp problems on top of that is not going to be well perceived.

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