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Re: Intent to package rolldice, blackjack

On Thu, Jan 21, 1999 at 02:31:10PM -0500, Stevie Strickland wrote:
> > Just wondering, what's the output like and does it return for d10 0-9 or
> > 1-10?  Does it handle "d%"?  Is the number of dice optional or must one
> > feed it "1d8" for example?  Does it return the results of each die or the
> > total rolled or both?  Can you give it something like "2d8 d12 3d6" and
> > get a nice formatted output?  Am I asking too many questions?  =>
> Eeeeeek!  Let me see if I can answer your questions in order...


> Returns 1-10 (I add 1 to num_sides * (rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1.0)) :)
> Handles d%?  Oh, just put in d100 for right now, but I'll add that in :)
> Number of dice right now is not optional, but could easily be fixed to
> default to one... :)

Cool  =>

> Just total, decided that was the important part (if you ask for 3d6,
> you're only interested in the result, unless you're doing something
> like method IV of rolling characters in AD&D (I believe), in which you
> roll 4d6 and take the highest three, in which case do 4x1d6 :)
> No, only handles the first string, I think... let me try it:
> midkemia:~$ rolldice 2d8 1d12 3d6
> 13 

In that case, may I suggest output like (goes digging to unbury his dice):

$ rolldice 2d8 d12 3d6
2d8:  5  6  (11)
d12:  2
3d6:  6  4  2  (12)

You could optionally have a line giving a total if more than one set of
dice are rolled, in this case something like:

Total:  25

Or if you're really crazy, you could allow optional + or - to affect the
total, if that were -d12 above the total would be 21 for example..  If it
doesn't do EVERYTHING by that point, what more can be said?  =>

> Nope, only first string, but I could just have it loop through the
> non-option arguments, as well :)

I'll go away before I scare you off from writing a dice roller, much less
anything more important..  =>

> For your final question... no, I'm always glad to answer them, especially
> since they usually give me things to think about as to new features :)

Well I'm sure you have that by now..  =>

"I'm working in the dark here."  "Yeah well rumor has it you do your best
work in the dark."
                               -- Earth: Final Conflict

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