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Re: Unsatisfied depends in slink main

>> "DS" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

DS> The most interesting problem looks like ppp, for which there isn't
DS> a package.

This looks like a problem in your script, I would say.

http://www.debian.org/Packages/frozen/base/ppp.html shows it, and I
can happily download it from ftp.debian.org

It is also present in unstable.

DS> CGI-modules                               faqomatic

The complete field is:

Depends: rcs, perl, perl (>= 5.004) | CGI-modules

so obviuosly, perl >= 5.004 contains the functionality CGI-modules
provided, no?

Maybe it should Provide: CGI-modules ?

DS> libglib1.1.12 (>= 1.1.12-1)               chameleon

DS> libgtk1.1.12 (>= 1.1.12-1)                chameleon

The 1.1.12 are present in unstable.

DS> libmagick4g-lzw                           imagemagick
DS> libmagick4g-lzw                           perlmagick

It is in non-free. The packages Depend on  libmagick4g |

DS> ppp (=2.3.5-2)                            ppp-pam
DS> ppp (>= 2.2.0f-20)                        dunc
DS> ppp (>= 2.3)                              masqdialer
DS> ppp (>= 2.3)                              pppconfig
DS> ppp (>= 2.3.0)                            wvdial
DS> ppp (>>2.2)                               diald
DS> ppp                                       pppupd
DS> ppp                                       pptp-linux

ppp is in the distribution.

DS> ssh                                       rstart
DS> ssh                                       rstartd

Hmm. ssh is non-free and non-us

DS> tcl74                                     dotfile
DS> tcl75                                     dotfile

DS> tclx                                      emacspeak
DS> tclx74                                    emacspeak
DS> tclx75                                    emacspeak

DS> tk40                                      dotfile
DS> tk40                                      x10-automate

DS> tk41                                      dotfile
DS> tk41                                      x10-automate

I believe these versions have been superceded by tcl8.0 and

Some inconsistency, but looks like easy to solve (don't know for the
tcl/tk stuff).


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