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Unsatisfied depends in slink main

Since the recent discussion with Richard Stallman about the unsatisfied
suggests message, I have undertaken the examination of the main archives.

The script that I am working on unpacks all of the .deb files it finds and
collects Package:, Provides:, Pre-Depends:, Depends:, Recommends:, and
Suggests: field information and deterines several things.

I have already obtained some "interesting" information about the Depends:
field, which I have summarized below. The most interesting problem looks
like ppp, for which there isn't a package.

Package not in archives                   Package which depends on
                                          Package not in archives
CGI-modules                               faqomatic

gas                                       kernel-source-2.0.33
gas                                       kernel-source-2.0.34
gas                                       kernel-source-2.0.35
gas                                       kernel-source-2.0.36
gas                                       kernel-source-2.1.125

giflib3g-dev                              gdk-imlib-dev
giflib3g-dev                              imlib-dev
giflib3g-dev                              libfnlib-dev

libc6.1                                   locale-ja
libc6.1                                   locale-ko

libglib1.1.12 (>= 1.1.12-1)               chameleon

libgtk1.1.12 (>= 1.1.12-1)                chameleon

libmagick4g-lzw                           imagemagick
libmagick4g-lzw                           perlmagick

ppp (=2.3.5-2)                            ppp-pam
ppp (>= 2.2.0f-20)                        dunc
ppp (>= 2.3)                              masqdialer
ppp (>= 2.3)                              pppconfig
ppp (>= 2.3.0)                            wvdial
ppp (>>2.2)                               diald
ppp                                       pppupd
ppp                                       pptp-linux

ssh                                       rstart
ssh                                       rstartd

tcl74                                     dotfile
tcl75                                     dotfile

tclx                                      emacspeak
tclx74                                    emacspeak
tclx75                                    emacspeak

tk40                                      dotfile
tk40                                      x10-automate

tk41                                      dotfile
tk41                                      x10-automate

xemacs19                                  python-elisp


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