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Re: Intent to package cygnus-stylesheets

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> In message <[🔎] 87hftn3fm2.fsf@fleming.jimpick.com> you wrote:
> >Soon, I'm going to upload a "cygnus-stylesheets" package.  It's
> >basically the same thing as the docbook-stylesheets package, but it
> >has some modifications and additional hacks that Mark Galassi has
> >added.
> >
> >This package is based on the same source as what the Red Hat people
> >are using.  The Gnome project documentation uses this package - that
> >is why I had to make it.
> I thought they needed this db2* scriptage.  The db2* scripts kinda 
> suck if you ask me (and not comment from upstream on my specific
> technical arguments why they suck) but I'm happy to include them.
> Please just patch!

The Cygnus stylesheets differ by much more than just db2* scripts.

On the Norm Walsh portion of the tree (only about half the package),
diffstat says:

   376 files changed, 50652 insertions, 735 deletions

Essentially, Cygnus has forked the code.

> >As soon as I upload it, I'd like to put it up for adoption.
> Ick.  Slash-n-burn?

I don't have time to maintain it.
> >Perhaps it can be merged with docbook-stylesheets?  Right now, it's
> >set up to conflict with that package.  The packaging is relatively
> >crude in comparison, because I needed to get it out in a hurry.
> I'd rather if you just sent me patches.  That would seem easier for all
> than creating a package then abandoning it.  Obsolete pacakges tend
> to pile up on users' boxes.
> Please patch from the potato docbook-stylesheets if you could.

You are asking me to merge two upstream packages which have forked.
That's a big job.  People have been jumping up and down on me for
weeks to get Gnome out.


 - Jim

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