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Re: Developers in Cali...

Aaron Van Couwenberghe wrote:
> >     OK, in the past week or so I've seen several people posting from
> > California.  Has anyone thought of having a gathering in some semi-central
> > location?  Get to know faces, sign keys, etc?
> I would be interested. If a convenient day were picked and the meeting were
> held somewhere near the Bay Area (Sn Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland...) I
> just might be able to come.

Well this is jumping the gun a bit, but I intend to do just this in a couple
of weeks. I have a fair-sized mailing list (25 people, including several
developers) of debianites in the CA Bay Area. One of the things I hope
this group will do is help me get a debian booth at linuxworld together and
staffed. I'm still waiting on confirmation of the booth, but it looks like
we will get one. Once I'm sure of that, I'd like to hold a debian meeting
here. The meeting would have at least 2 purposes, maybe 3:

1. Get to know one another, socialize, key sign, etc.
2. Planning for the linuxworld conference.
3. If Joseph Carter happens to win the Project Leader election, we can
   probably drag him down from Modesto to speak.

I'm been thinking about holding it at the Coffeenet Internet Cafe in San
Fransisco, a very nice cafe which has public linux machines (running redhat,
but oh well.. ;-). Of course all this is tenative.

If you're interested, the best thing to do is probably to get on the Bay
Area Debian mailing list: "echo | mail bad-subscribe@kitenet.net"

see shy jo

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