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Re: GS development question

Philip Thiem <ptt@umr.edu> writes:

   I want to add drivers for the Xerox Docuprint Series Printer
   I have been offered there "special additions" to HP PCL3 codes
   However they request I sign a non-discolsure agreement
   Considering both gs-aladdin and gs (gnu gs) I was think that
	   any driver I make would be considered a dervived work
   So I could not write the drivers with the information from Xerox
	   and still be ok with the non-discolsure agreement.


   Am I Right? I am going to be contacting the guy via phone
	   and discuss this finally, and see if I can get them to 

I wouldn't sign anything.  NDAs are bad news, and signing one will
only get you into trouble.  You'd be better off reverse-engineering
the codes.

Also, are you sure you need these codes?  After all, ghostscript just
dumps a simple bitmap to the printer, it doesn't try to optimize it
into circles, squares, lines, ...  Plain PCL3 handles this just fine.

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