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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> I personally think we need to treat each port differently.  As
> each one will have it's own issues.  Yes, the source distro is
> different and contains all of them...but maybe that needs
> to be re-thunk (uhh) on how it should be handled.  But I don't
> think holding up the release of other ports due to one port 
> not being ready is a solution.  That would definatly cause 
> Debian to get behind at some point in time or another.

Here's a solutuion to the source distribution problem. Whenever we add a new
release to debian, we could increment the release number. Ie, if we release
just i386 as debian 2.1r1, then when m68k is ready, we bump the version up to
debian 2.1r2. This means we release a new source cd as well (and new i386
cd's, which will have minimal changes).

I doubt this would mean much more frequent changes to debian's revision
number than we have now - we have to change the revision number occasionally
for security fixes anyway.

see shy jo

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