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Re: Proposal: Adding more architecture options to dpkg (was: Re: Adding Hurd architecture/os to dpkg and packaging scripts.)

Steve Dunham wrote:
> When you make these changes to dpkg, try to find a way to deal with
> platforms that handle two different architectures.  (e.g. UltraSparc
> machines handle sparc and sparc64, intel machines handle i386 and the
> proposed i586 distributions.)  It would be nice to build and install
> packages for both architectures on these machines.  
> I have "sparc" Debian installed on my Ultra5, and successfully compile
> packages for the "sparc" architecture - in fact, the tools to build
> userland code for "sparc64" are not ready and will not be ready for
> quite a while.  (And, even then, we'd probably want a mixture of
> packages to guarantee system stability.)

I have a patch to dpkg that does this. I think I submitted it as a wishlist
bug. It makes dpkg read a new file, /etc/dpkg/architectures, which has a 
format like:

i386: i386 all pentium
ultrapsparc: sparc all sparc64

see shy jo

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