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Suggestion: Promote Debian Architecture Neutral Release Format

Debian Devel Gurus:

I have been lurking for a couple of months watching the various
discussions on Debian lists. The recent thread about slink release
dates for various architectures has me concerned.  I think the Debian
should strive to be as "architecture neutral" as humanly possible and
keep the Debian architecture releases unified.  I fear that breaking
the distribution according to architecture would likely lead to
"forking" and greater fragmentation of the Debian development community.

I suggest a single Debian release for all CPU platforms using to the
maximum extent practical:
- Source Only compiled locally
- intermediate compiler code (mostly but not fully compiled and still
architecture neutral)
- P-Code (similar to UCSD Pascal P-Code locally compiled)
- Compile to Java Bytecodes
- ANDF (Architecture Neutral Distribution Format or modern equivalent)

Obviously, this is NOT APPLICABLE for all applications.  However, I
think most of the Debian release could be done once for all
architectures.  The Debian Source CD already exists but IIRC
dpkg/dselect/apt does not support "build from source" as an option

Is "write once, run everywhere" an impossible dream?  I think it would

Does Debian Policy promote architecture neutral formats for

Andrew Lynch
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