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I know that OpenLDAP is listed on WNPP as being packaged by Dermot Bradley
(131 days in creation) and I emailed him beginning of Decemeber about a
time estimate. Since no package is avaliable yet and I needed OpenLDAP
real quick, I went ahead and packaged it myself.

I used ldap and umich-ldap packages as a base for the layout for
compatibility. This source does not have a -doc package as the others do.
The library is also setup to conflict with the others (libldap and
umich-libldap). I then setup the other packages in openldap (openldapd,
openldap-util, libopenldap1-dev) to Pre-Depend on libopenldap1. All of
these ldap implementations use the same binary names and and lib/header
names since OpenLDAP is based on the umich-ldap source.

Currently the other two ldap package groups don't conflict with each
other, they need to now,  as well as conflict with this one. I'm also
proposing a virtual package of 'ldap-server' since I am building a few
packages that require an ldap server, but can use any one of them.

Dermot: If you are still wish to release your packages, let me know. I
have not uploaded these to master yet. If not then I don't see why these
can't be made available since alot of ppl want it.



NOTE: These packages are based on the latest release version of OpenLDAP
1.1.2. Also realize that they currently use LOG_LOCAL[34] for syslogging
which will be fixed in 1.1.2-2 package. Currently I have sparc and i386


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