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Equivs rewrite


the equivs package is used to create faked dependency informations for 
dpkg. You can use this for a selfcompiled webserver (so that dwww
etc. don´t complain at installation) and similar purposes.

I have done a complete rewrite, so that the package doesn´t recreate
the equivs package, but creates genuine fake packages. So this also
works with apt.

Beside the use mentioned above, you can create a so5 package, which
depends on libc5, xpm4.7 and xlib6, so after installing, one has all
libs needed, and one can´t deinstall them (= break so5) until the
fake-package is removed.

You can also create a communicator45-full package, which will ensure
you install all packages needed to run it. I (and others) was somewhat 
stumbled by the new ns packages. I installed quite some packages and
still had no binary, because I missed the needed binary.

We could create a fake master GNOME package as well.

So anyone interested, take a look at it and give me some feedback.

Read README.Debian to learn how to use it, /usr/doc/equivs/examples
has some example control files.


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