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Intent to package: dvorak7min

I haven't seen it in slink and I don't recall seeing an intent to
package.  If it's not already taken, I want to package dvorak7min.  It's
REAL simple and REAL effective.  I've used it all of five minutes, it's

I plan to use non-pristine source as the source happens to include a
glibc2 binary built on Debian slink...  It gave me ye happy missing
register_frame_thingie error.  (That is a technical description of why it
didn't run doncha know!)

The program does lack documentation other than the readme but hey it
didn't take me 5 minutes to figure out how to use it.  You do have to
loadkeys dvorak.map first (an easy way to loadkeys us.map afterward is a
really good idea naturally)  At any rate, I'm off to go and use it more,
I've been wanting to learn dvorak for a long time now.  =>

I'm not supposed to mention that you can eat at Joe's if you want to.

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