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Re: Election Dates

On Wed, Dec 23, 1998 at 03:31:03AM -0800, Darren Benham wrote:
> 1) The constitution isn't clear on whether campaigning can be conducted during
> the first three weeks of the campaign cycle and
> 2) It would be difficult truly enforce such a ban
> I'll rephrase my earlier comments to be a suggestion and make it clear it is
>  from me as a concerned citizen/developer not Project Secretary.  I would still
> rather see "campaigning" in any organized sense held off of, personally, but the
> choice is up to the individual canidates and all the canidates as a whole.

Though I find political campaigning distasteful by nature, I think it is a
good idea to permit campaigning during the nomination period, if only for
no other purpose than to make positions clear in the interest of
representation.  In other words, I want to find out *before* the nomination
period has expired if none of the existing candidates support Policy Z
which is very important to me.  Then I can ask for someone who does support
Policy Z to self-nominate, or step forward myself.

I fully agree with point 2) above, and further believe for the reasons
above that we wouldn't really WANT to do so.  It would be disastrous to
find out too late that a large segment of Debian developers would not be
fairly represented by the project leadership.

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