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Re: ISC's DHCP/DHCP-BETA up for adoption


Rich Sahlender (rsahlen@debian.org):
> I've been working 60-80 hour weeks for a few months now and it looks
> like that won't change until sometime in February. As a result I've
> been unable to spend any time on ISC's dhcp and dhcp-beta packages
> leaving them badly neglected. The last upload for both of these was
> NMU's by Eloy A. Paris some months ago.
> As much as I'd like to keep these, it's probably best for debian if
> I offer them up for adoption, giving Eloy first crack since he jumped
> in so quickly before with NMU's. dhcp-beta does have a couple release
> critical bugs filed which I havn't had time to look at but I think
> Johnnie Ingram has the details. Eloy?

If were registered as developer, I'd scream "yes, I want it". I use it
myself (server,relay) and recently repackaged the p8 prerelase for local
usage. I havn't got it working with 2.1.125, but according to a nice guy on
the dhcp-server list linux2.1 support is not yet finished.


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