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Re: An old idea, brought back to life

Previously Joseph Carter wrote:
> It forces us to make sure that if we make such changes that we can have a
> hybrid libc5/libc6 system.

I am not so sure if I agree with that. Developing on a mixed libc5/libc6
system probably showed us a lot of the issues involved. If we had
moved to a unstable libc6 very fast and pushed finished libc6 things
into a slowly libc6-ifying stable we would probably has missed a couple
of things.

> It kinda makes the developer decide their package is ready enough for
> release rather than having to decide it's not.

He can do that now as well by filing a bugreport for ftp.debian.org. The
only thing you change is that now a package is released automatically,
and with this proposal a maintainer needs to do it manually. Both have
their advantages and disadvantages.


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