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vim and GTK

Hi there!

Work on vim is progressing steadily, and a new alpha version has just
been released. One of the new versions is a GTK+ frontend. I would like
to include this frontend in the vim packages when a stable vim is
released. Unfortunately this will add to the already growing number of
vim variants out there, so I would like some opinions on what packages
you want. My current proposal is this:

    vim-tiny     - will not change
    vim-perl     - currently uses Xaw, might switch to GTK+
    vim-tcl      - currently uses Xaw, might switch to GTK+
    vim-python   - currently uses Xaw, might switch to GTK+
    vim          - will stay with Xaw or drop X support.
    vim-gtk      - new package, standard vim but with GTK+

The reason for keeping a binary without GTK+ is that new GTK+ versions
are made rather frequently and I do not feel like releasing a new vim
package every couple of weeks.

Please mail any reaction to me directly so I can keep track of them.


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