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Re: An old idea, brought back to life

On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 12:18:25PM -0500, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > Ben, did you hear a proposal made by someone, I think Anthony Towns was
> > part of the discussion if not the person who was suggesting it (someone
> > will correct me if my memory is in error), that unstable become a never
> > released distribution?
> > 
> > The idea was that unstable is always unstable.  As packages became stable
> > they would be moved to a release distribution which is always kept (or at
> > least there is a reasonable attempt to keep it) as stable and as close to
> > release as possible.
> How does it handle changes that affect all packages (likelibc5->libc6) ?

It forces us to make sure that if we make such changes that we can have a
hybrid libc5/libc6 system.  It's really kinda useful in that way because
it's harder to have a system that is not compatible with what's there
before as anything that isn't compatible probably isn't going to be
released until the bug of compatibility is fixed.

It kinda makes the developer decide their package is ready enough for
release rather than having to decide it's not.

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