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Re: Adding users from a list or database?

I know :) I already said this, but I'll say it again, this time in reverse

If you have the shadow passwd suite (debian has it, and its maintainer is
making it better as time goes by), you have a program called "newusers".
This program takes a file that's similar to the format of the passwd file,
and adds users (it's FAST and it does set the cleartext password from the 

I wrote some perl scripts that add a downloaded list of students to an 
arbitrary number of arbitrarily typed servers, and does several other things
with the database (including generate lists of students to either print or
import into databases. It does A LOT of other things. It's also GPL.

You can look/get/have/change/release/whatever it, it is available at:


for the latest one I presently have in service.

THERE ARE SOME PROBLEMS with it that I want to solve, and I'd appreciate
some help in doing so :)

 - docs need updating and writing

 - exceptions and system errors need handling (so far there is NONE. I want
    to design a -good- one.)

 - I'm considering the addition of web, gnome and oter UIs, but they would
    need designing, I'd consider ideas from folks who have seen the scripts 

 - I'm also working on other abstractions I will be OOPizing, like Student, 
    Teacher, Staff, Admin, UserRecord, RostRecord and many others. Out of 
    approximately 15-20 identified abstractions, I'm using 2: ServerType
    and Server.


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