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Re: An old idea, brought back to life

> I think what you're missing is a change in release philosophy. As it
> stands now, a release is an all-or-nothing proposition. Packages that
> aren't ready delay the release of packages that have worked reliably for
> months. What we could do instead is move packages into stable as they
> are ready instead of waiting until all of unstable is ready. This is
> especially useful for new packages, e.g., one that is released just
> after a freeze, and which might otherwise wait a year to make it into
> stable.

Similarly, i want to run a "stable" release of Debian, but 
inevitably there is a small set of packages that i need to 
upgrade past the "stable" version (either because of bugs or 
because e.g. i want to start using newer features of a 

There is not, AFAIK, any obvious way that this should be done 
currently.  It would be nice if i could specify per package 
whether i want that package to track the stable or unstable 

(Note: "hold" isn't quite the solution, because it very much 
need security bugfixes even for all my "stable" packages.)



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