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Re: Debian violates GPL?

Steve Dunham wrote:
> IMHO, the best solution is to keep any diff file and .orig.tar.gz that
> is needed to create a binary package on the ftp site.  (This can be
> kept track of by updating a database as packages are added to and
> deleted from the archive.)

The primary obstacle to this is that the .orig.tar.gz can change from
one Debian revision to another, without changing name.  Schemes for
dealing with this quickly grow to Byzantine complexities.

> We will need to fix this eventually.

It's not hard to fix if we're willing to ignore the problem above.
I could probably write and test the required scripts in a week or so.

It will require a bit more archive space, but not as much as, say, 
adding a new architecture.

Richard Braakman

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