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Re: Corel WordPerfect shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8

On Tue, Dec 15, 1998 at 06:30:24PM -0800, Jim Pick wrote:
> They've contacted me to ask if I'd like to do the .debs.  They know me
> from the ARM/NetWinder port.  I've been non-commital so far, but I
> assured them that I'm sure that somebody in Debian will probably
> volunteer to do the packaging if the licensing is free enough.
> I signed a little NDA, but I think I can blab about this, since they
> put it on the website, and this is our -devel list after all.  I
> should be getting access to an early release of it before the final
> release.  I don't really know anything beyond that.
> I'll cc: this to wnpp@debian.org to claim WordPerfect for the moment.
> If the package (when it turns up) looks like it is going to be too
> much work, I might put it up for adoption - because I'm going to be
> pretty busy getting Gnome 1.0, dwww2, and the Debian ARM port going.
> Cheers,
>  - Jim

Novare would be interested in packaging Word Perfect. We would also
be interested in working with Corel to develop automatic license management
and integrate the payment process into the pre/post install scripts.

We have been looking at making WP part of our SGML service offerings
because of its especially dope SGML mode.

Taking off the evil commercial hat,

Ean Schuessler                Director of Strategic Weapons Systems
Novare International Inc.        A Devices that Kill People company
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