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Re: Corel WordPerfect shipping Debian with WordPerfect 8

Chris McKillop wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> > Does this mean they are releasing it for use without charge?  WordPerfect
> > 7 has a 15 day limit if you don't register (and pay a fee to do so).
> 	I am pretty sure it is 100% free for personal use.  Free as is
> no charge.  I am not versed enough in any of the legal terms of "Free"
> that Debian is using so I can't comment on it being DFSG free.


   Personal Edition:
   Suggested Retail Price: US$69.95*
   Server Edition:
   Suggested Retail Price: US$495.00*
   Free? download coming soon! This version will include only the
   application (clipart, manual, CD-ROM and technical support will
   not be included) and is provided for personal, non-commercial use
   or, where commercial use is desired, for a 90-day evaluation
   period only. Personal use users are required to register as a
   user of the product in order to use the product beyond the
   initial 90-day evaluation period.

So the free version looks indeed free of charge for non-commercial
use, except that you have to register it (at no charge) after 90
days.  StarOffice5 requires you to register it (at no charge) in
order to use it period, so this seems better.

Looks like it will be a nice addition to non-free!


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