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Re: Election Dates

Ben Collins wrote:

> > FWIW, I do not think the Debian constitution is designed to suppress the rights of
> > free speech.  I see no basis to forbid campaigning on the ground that it is not
> > specifically "authorized" during the nomination period.
> I think the intention is to wait until there is no chance for new nominees
> so that all the prospective candidates start discussions on equal footing.
> As one of the nominees I don't take it as supressing free speech.

Nothing prevents other prospective candidates from nominating themselves now, or even
campaigning in advance of formal nomination.  If you and the other present candidates
all want to keep quiet between now and the end of the nomination period, that is fine,
but if there is less than unanimous agreement to do so, you do not have a unilateral
right to prevent others from campaigning.  Darren's post further suggested that
non-candidates ought not to post DPL election-related messages during this period,
which is a fairly serious circumscription of developers' speech.

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