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Re: Election Dates

Darren Benham wrote:

> 2)  From December 23rd to January 13th, the floor will be opened to
> campaigning.  During this time, no more nominations will be accepted.
> [The constitution states clearly that the second set of three weeks is used
> for campaigning.  It is, however, vague on whether campaigning is allowed
> during the nomination period.  Since the the constitution does address
> campaining (saying to use weeks 4-6) and since the constitution does not state
> that campaigning should be conducted during weeks 1-3, I understand it to mean
> that campaigning should not be conducted during weeks 1-3, the nomination
> period.  That is my interpretation and my reasoning behind it.]

FWIW, I do not think the Debian constitution is designed to suppress the rights of
free speech.  I see no basis to forbid campaigning on the ground that it is not
specifically "authorized" during the nomination period.

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