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Console, Keyboard , X and packages descriptions

	Guys, I am announcing this at debian-devel and then will start a
discussion at Debian i18n.

	I am interested upon internationalization and I am beginning to
work on it. I am going to try out some customizations and summarise the
problems and concerns I find in order to make a coherent list of tasks to
be addressed.

	As a warm up I am going to make a Portuguese (Brazilian) version
of the Install disks, work on more apropriate keymaps and environment
settings for my language, contribute translations to the gnome team (I got
addicted to gnome :) and as a final goal look into package description

	As a help, I'd like to have some pointers...

	During my absence I heard about some Keyboard policies and such,
but did not find anything in the Home Page. Is there any information about
this on-line?

	Does someone know where can I learn about the XKB extensions?

	As a result I expect to gain enough experience to make a serious
proposal about internationalization in Debian and have a list of features
that we have or need to implement a good internationalization schema.

	Thank you all :)

Eduardo Marcel Macan	Core Technologies Informatica LTDA
macan@thecore.com.br	Suporte e Desenvolvimento Unix/Linux. 
macan@debian.org	Debian GNU/Linux Developer
                        Visite-nos em http://thecore.com.br

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