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Re: debian list summaries

On 15.12.1998., at 20:43, Martin Schulze wrote: 

>> >> We don't have to (and I certainly don't want to) summarize
>> >> each and every little thread on -devel, just the obviously
>> >> important ones. Why would that be abuse?
>> >
>> >Yes.
>> But I asked *why*?
>Think about it.  Summarizing a thread is something different than
>posting an announce.  The list is intended for announcements.

That is just about wording.
Messages that intent to post would not be only boring
summaries of threads, but selected important and interesting
weekly information about what is happening on debian-*
mailing lists. And devel-announce seems quite appropriate
(among other debian lists) for that purpose. And it is empty

>> I don't want to request opening a new list if the
>> only poster there will be me, since I can't guarantee
>> that I'll always be here to make those summaries.
>Then post the summary to debian-devel.  People who are not
>able to read the entire list will be able to read these
>mails through the web interface without going through
>every thread.

Then the functionality of those summaries is lessened (is that
a good term?).

Web interface is not too nice - at the end of every month
threads.html gets huge (at least 300 kb) and you cannot skim
through summaries only by searching the subject line (you can,
but no use because other messages contain same words).

Also, the idea was to make life easier for those people
that just want the important stuff from -devel, and not
by forcing them to load numerous web pages and search for
the information themselves.

BTW I'll be harrassing -devel readers - just repeating (in short)
what they all already read :)

enJoy -*/\*- http://jagor.srce.hr/~jrodin/

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