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Re: Intent to package `recite'

On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 09:39:53PM +0000, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> I'm intending to package `recite', a GPLed English text to speech
> program.  See <URL:http://www.canb.auug.org.au/~millerp/recite.html>.

Thank you for working on this.  Linux and speech synthesis are kinda,
well they could be better right now.  A lot better.

If this project goes well, would you mind considering an esound version? 
Most of us can't have two things using the sound card at once, which is
why esound is such a nice thing.  Now all I need is to sit down with
screader and really abuse the code to actually make it a nice friendly
screen reader.  =>

"Shall we play a game?"  -- WOPR

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