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Re: Campaigning

On Mon, Dec 14, 1998 at 03:57:47PM -0800, Darren Benham wrote:
> I've been remiss in reading the constitution.  The discussions that have been
> taking place in a number of threads, the questioning and positioning isn't
> supposed to start until AFTER the nomination period.
> Nominees, please honor the constitution and DONOT respond to ANY further
> comments or questions.  If a point of honor comes up, let's try to resolve it
> through channels.  December 23rd will restart the campaigning and we'll move it
> all to a special list.
> Electorate, I ask the same of you.  Please do not tease or tempt these men into
> a discussion that could be called campaigning.

Eh, my apologies.  I just saw this message NOW.  It was at the bottom of
my folder and I haven't seen my inbox pretty much all day as I have been
reading -devel whose threads are beginning to remind me of Zork.  Ben
commented about this message and I thought he was referring to one a few
days ago and hadn't seen this yet.

Oops.  =/

"Shall we play a game?"  -- WOPR

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