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Re: Filesystem and archive changes

Joel Klecker wrote:
> I want to make a pretty major change in potato, I want to move all 
> architectures to glibc 2.1.
> I want to do this for several reasons, most being new features such 
> as IPv6, NIS+, large file API (64-bit filesizes, useful for sparc64 
> and alpha at this point, may start working for 32-bit architectures 
> in 2.3 kernels), and UNIX98 pty support (and weirdly, better libc5 
> compatibility in the area of utmp and wtmp, glibc 2.1 has a utmpd 
> that can even cope with libc5 programs that directly write to utmp or 
> wtmp), and for another more important reason, glibc 2.0.x probably 
> will not have another official release.
> Unfortunately there's a nasty catch, due to libstdc++ ABI differences 
> between glibc 2.0 and glibc 2.1, all C++ code will need to be 
> relinked when the move is made, in theory it is possible for the 
> older libstdc++ to be kept around and have it work with older 
> binaries, but in practice that doesn't seem to work.

This has to be worked out or we will end up in the same bo->hamm
desaster we already had.  I do not want to have this.

Both versions of libc need to coexist and transition needs to be made

However according to our skipped release goals potato would only partially
support glibc 2.1.



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