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Re: Slink and Potato (was Re: Filesystem and archive changes)

Buddha Buck wrote:
> Joseph Carter said:
> > Slink is down to around 50 bugs, it's time to start talking about what we
> > want to do with potato.
> I disagree...

I would also like to disagree, but that's not entirely possible.
Slink is down to less than 50 critical bugs.  Please could the
maintainers who are able to deal with these bugs.

All others do not need to concentrate on slink and stop all of their
contribution to Debian.  This would be stupid and hurt free software
development.  Please don't consider this.

> Slink was supposed to be frozen in mid-October, to be released in 
> mid-November, so it could be out and available by now.  We've had a 
> bumpy freeze (like usual), and now it's mid-December.

Not like usual, for the record.  Yes, it's delayed because there
are too many critical bugs and too few people addressing them.
Please stop complaining about this but start fixing them.  (I
know unfortunately that I don't find enough time to address them.)

> I'm afraid that if we start concentrating on potato, those last 50 bugs 
> will not go away, and slink won't get out the door.

We should *concentrate* on slink where possible and for whom this is
possible.  The maintainers who cannot help fixing the last remaning
bugs may continue to work on the unstable release.

> I suggest a hard-date be set for the near future (say, Jan 1 1999), a 
> push be made to fix those last, remaining bugs before that time, and 
> the release be made then.

And what are you going to achieve for this?  There can always happen
some strange incidents that delays things.  If we would do this,
potato would be frozen at the end of january (perhaps slink would
be released at midth of janary) potato would then released two
months later.  That's not wise.

However I agree that we have to set dates and *try* to meet



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