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Re: DPLs : what do you think about ...

Ben Collins wrote:
> I think feature updates to debian specific packages can hold off till
> after the freeze, if not, then post them with a link to your personal
> space so maintainers can test it out.

This will not work for the packages I maintain. I have posted links to eg,
debhelper's web page, and no-one visits it. The only way to get the testing
I need is to release to unstable.

It's also pretty stupid to toss out our centralized package structure and
force each developer to come up with their own idea of where to put
packages on their own system. This would mean a return to the days of
hunting down everything you wanted, instead of the debian way of getting it
from a central location. No thanks.

> During a freeze nothing is as
> important as getting the frozen dist as bug free as possible.

Look, if I feel like adding wonderful feature x to debhelper, that does not
mean I feel like finding a bug in some package I don't use and fixing it. If
you want people to contribute to debian, don't keep puttingh all this
annoyance in our way of doing so.

Otherwise, I quit.

see shy jo, *****extremetly***** upset.

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