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Intend to package SLab


I want to package the program SLab as *.deb to contribute to the
worldwide Linux-community. I already contacted the author and he is
willing to support me. The description for slab is below:

Title:          SLab Recording Studio Software
Version:        2.20.1
Entered-date:   6MAY98
Description:    SLab Direct to Disk Recording Studio. 64 track mixing
                with 64-16-8-4-2 configuration. Per track digital
                dynamics and digital filters. Stereo bus groupings,
                VU metering, continuous controller recording (mixdown
                sessions). 16 Effects send busses with stereo effects
                API, FX chaining, signal level trimming, bus/FX bypass.
                Includes echo, reverb, flange, phase, chorus, leslie,
                valve, compressor, limitor, stereographic EQ, etc.
                Wave editor, cut/copy/paste/fade/reverse/etc, n-undo
                backout edit support, sample loop previewing, freehand
                wave painting, zero cross detection, metronomic bar/beat
                and SMPTE frame selection editing.
                Full tape spooling with location memories, SMPTE
                Up to 16 IO channels (8 Stereo devs), with both input
                and output noise reduction processing, audio data
                compression to disk, audio metronome.
                TCL/TK 8.0 based "drag and drop" user interface.
                MultiProcessing/shared memory mix engine.
                Kernel requires SYSV_IPC,
                OSS 3.5.4/k2.0 for half duplex,
                OSS 3.8/k2.1 for (GUS MAX, etc) full duplex,
                OSS/Linux 3.8/k2.1 for SoundBlaster full duplex.
Keywords:       audio, mixer, DSP, effects, multitrack, TCL, TK, Linux
                direct-to-disk recording
Author:         ncopelan@packetengines.com (Nick Copeland)
Maintained-by:  ncopelan@packetengines.com (Nick Copeland)
Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/sound/mixers
                2496 kb slab-2.20.1.tar.gz
                2 kb slab-2.20.1.lsm
Platforms:      Linux ELF, binary distribution only.
Copying-policy: Shareware

As you can see, there is no source-code available at the moment
(so -> non-free ?) but N. Copeland said that this may change in the
future. Any comments are welcome, at the moment I try to get my pgp-key
signed so I can send my infos to new-maintainer.


Olaf Stetzer
--   Olaf Stetzer  --  EC/JRC/Institute for Transuranium Elements   --
-   email to: stetzer@itu.fzk.de   or   ostetzer@mail.uni-mainz.de   -
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