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intent to package GTKstep

I intend to package GTKstep, which is a library-compatible replacement
for the Gimp Tool Kit.  It changes the look and feel of the widgets to
something more like the NeXTstep standard.

I'm planning on using the existing GTK debian source packages and
applying the GTKstep patch to them, and repackaging them as GTKstep. 

The gtkstep patch itself is a collection of about 10 c source files
that define widget look and behavior.  

I would appreciate input concerning whether it would be best to use the
existing gtk orig.tar.gz and have the debian diffs include the gtkstep
patch, or to patch the gtk orig.tar.gz with the gtkstep patch first, and
*then* generate the build.  

I have already made working GTKstep debs (sproing!), but I want to know
the Right Way (tm) to do this.


C. Thomas 

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.  I'm frightened
of the old ones.
                -- John Cage

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